Frequently Asked Questions



When are you available?

  • My availability will depend entirely on the amount of notice provided with a meeting request.  Advanced booking is wholly recommended. That being said, I encourage you to be thoughtful when requesting a meeting where there is less notice provided. Never will I be available to meet "in an hour".  Not ever.  A guide for notice minimals:
12hrs notice: Unlikely, but feel free to send in your request.
6hrs notice: Very super highly UNLIKELY. The very next thing closest to impossible.
3hrs notice: IMPOSSIBLE.
1hr notice: Are you even a real person?

Why have your features been blurred?

  • My face has been blurred to protect my identity, for reasons that are obvious. Bodyart can be even more identifying, and we'll never know the extent of things that our friends, family, and associates come across while on the web. Unless you're in some way put off by the idea of body art and/or facial blurring, I can confidently say that there's not a single chance of you being disappointed with the unblurred version that you'll be meeting.

What are your measurements?

  • I'm a 36D, with a 25inch waist, and curvy 36inch hips. I'm 5'4 and weigh 125lbs.

Do you tour/travel?

  • Besides being available to meet in my base city (currently Las Vegas, NV), I am available for exclusive travel for meets that are 12hrs or longer, plus upper-class airfare and accommodations. A 30% deposit is required to be made before travel plans are to be confirmed.

What is the best way to contact you?

  • The only way to successfully contact me is through my contact form. Contacting me without having first completing the form will not bypass my verification requirement. Verification is not optional.

Can I extend my time with you?

  • As long as my schedule permits it, you can surely extend our engagement. Additional reparations are to be made at the time of extending our time together.