I'm so happy to see that you've found your way here!  I’m Bennett, your private paramour and travel companion. I've reemerged from my well deserved holiday with a new look, in a new city, and I couldn't be more excited! 

  This sea nymph-turned-snake charmer has relinquished her love for days at the beach for the bright lights and desert landscape of LAS VEGAS! I can't wait to experience everything Las Vegas has to offer, and meeting those who I'll be sharing those experiences with!

  I’m a sexually charged free-spirit.. enlightened, unbiased, and passionately unrestrained.  A vivacious bon vivant and ambulant traveller; an advocate for all things living and a do-er of good deeds; a lover of history, artwork, architecture and botany; a connoisseur of champagne, crumpets and wine and cheese; a devourer of hearts. I'm the true full-package, matching audacious beauty with an essence that's as pure as gold. 

  I'm petite and fit, with an intelligent wit- an undeniable beauty with an unambiguous, hypnotic charm. My personality is outgoing and sociable, always encouraging only the smoothest and fluid of introductions. I have an eloquently flirtatious approach, waiving ordinary and stereotypical monikers for true and tangible intrigue.

  From jean-casual to a little black dress, you'll find me to be always dressed for the occasion (although, beware! I've been told that I ooze sexuality with anything that I wear).  And as consummation of my fresh relocation, I've traded in my cute, blonde tresses for long and alluring, brunette waves.

Blondes might have more fun, but brunettes know the best rides.